Democratic Accomplishments for Iowas's Families

Under Democratic leadership, the PLAN FOR PROSPERITY goals were being met.


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Building Opportunity Through Investing in Education

Funding was increased for schools, community colleges & State Universities so our kids can make the most of their talents and dreams.

  • Limits university tuition increses & makes community colleges more affordable.
  • Restores work study programs for college students. (SF 588)
  • Raises Iowa teacher salaries from 42nd to 25th in the nation. (SF 277)
  • Assures remedial assistance for middle school students. (SF 588)

Creating a safe environment for students to learn

  • Implements anti-harassment & anti-bullying policies.
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Giving Children and early, strong start - Early Childhood Education

Funding of a statewide voluntary preschool program to ensure every four-year-old will have access to affordable, quality preschool education in he next 4 years. (HF 877)

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Protecting Iowa's Children

Stopping 42,000 children from picking up their first cigarette

  • Raises the tobacco tax & dedicates all revenue to tobacco cessation & prevention, substance abuse and other health care needs.
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Rewarding Hard Work

  • Raises the minimum wage to $7.25. (HF 1)
  • Expands job training at community colleges to train high tech workers. (HF 927)
  • Creates new jobs through Targeted Small Business Task Force Grants. (HF 890)
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Expanding Health Care

Iowa fulfills its responsibility to providing healthcare coverage to the uninsured

  • 17,000 more Iowans will receive healthcare coverage

Small businesses can now pool their workforces for cheaper healthcare insurance. (HF 790)

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Improving Quality of Life

Funding research to find cures for cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's Disease & other illnesses. Helps 164,000 low income Iowans move forward by incressing the Earned Income taax credit (SF 590)

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Investing in Renewal Fuel & Alternative Energy Development

America is more secure, jobs are created, and the environment is cleaner through the use of alternative energy.

  • $100 million Power Fund to invest in cutting edge research for development of a new energy economy. (HF 918)
  • Increase electricity generated by renewable fuel. (HF 918/927)
  • Provide incentives for renewable energy research & technology. (HF 918/927)
  • Create a public/private energy partnership. (HF 918/927)
  • Lead the US in manufactring equipment for renewable energy production. (HF 918)
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Directing State Agencies to be Energy Efficient

Gov. Culver signs an order to use E-85 in state-owned flex fuel vehicles. He sets the goal of using E-85 in 60% of the flex-fuel vehicles by 2009

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Putting Iowa's Fiscal House in Order

The new Democratic Leadership has balanced the budget while investing in education, the economy, and people. They have a surplus of $600 MILLION dollars!

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2007 Allamakee Co. Democratic Central Committee