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  • The Democrat's mission is not to prevent people from achieving success.
  • Democrats are not opposed to religious practice. I would suggest Democrat's progressive policies are an example of faith in action.
  • Democrats support the virtues of charity and mercy.
  • Democrats oppose the vice of greed.

Democratic policies promote citizen involvement in feeding the hungry, caring for the weak, sick & aged, educating and giving hope to the poor in spirit; through social programs like food stamps, medicare/Medicaid, early childhood and work training programs.

When you would complain about your taxes being too high, I would suggest contemplating the parable of the widow's mite, recall the feeding of the multitudes. When you support these "social welfare" programs you are your brother's keeper. You give without immediate tangible benefit to yourself. You are ministering to the masses and neighbor that is something to feel good about.

Colleen T. Gragg

Democrats bring OPPORTUNITY to Iowa

As Democrats we see all of us as connected, as a part of a community where we care about each other and act responsibly toward one another. Together we accomplish what cannot be done alone. Therefore, Democrats are determined to create hope and opportunity for every Iowan. We believe America, Iowa and our communities are stronger when we invest in people, reward hard work, and build a strong middle class. Our goal is rising prosperity for all not just concentrated wealth at the top.

Democrats call for Reform of Government to Restore Democracy

Democrats believe that government works best when it works for the common good. Today, reforming government is essential to re-establish government by and for “we the people.” Washington, DC has become corrupted by Lobbyists, big money, the powerful and connected, and is ethically bankrupt. In Iowa Democrats work ethically and responsibly for the good of all.

Democrats Fight for Iowa’s Families

Democrats’ priority continues to be Iowa’s families. Iowans are hard workers and Democratic members of our legislation and fellow Democrats have worked hard for them. Democratic leadership in the senate had resulted in legislative accomplishments that benefit all Iowans. Read what the Democratically led Iowa Legislatve body had done for all Iowans in their previous years. Then compare that with what is happening now under the Republican 'say no' policy.


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